't Boekske

Your self-paced monthly programme

  • Did you start learning Flemish, but have you (kind of) given up?

  • Heb je veel geleerd, en begrijp je ook veel, maar spreek je veel te weinig?

  • Does the thought of going back to avondschool or do more grammar exercises make you nauseous?

  • Maybe you feel like you lost the connection to this language?

  • But, do you have to admit, are you being hard on yourself? Are you beating yourself up a little bit (or a lot)?

You might feel ashamed each time the conversation goes back to English. 
And you wonder how, at this point, you are going to get back into it.

What about another way?

I’ve helped plenty of learners to speak Flemish without making them study boring things. And it still worked. Why?

When learning a language, we easily forget certain things:

  • study or passive input of the language is just one part of the formula, joy and relevance are equally, if not more important parts in succeeding
  • no one is motivated when they’re studying with material that they’re not interested in, or that doesn’t inspire, making it feel like school again
  • negative thoughts and shame can really block you, and no amount of revising or traditional language classes can solve that – it’s a deeper process.
This membership is designed especially for you,
if you want to treat yourself kindly,
express yourself in Flemish through reading & listening
to inspiring topics, introspective writing.
And a connection with a likeminded community:
all people like you, who don't shout to be heard,
but still have a beautiful voice to be freed.
Your coach

‘t Boekske is…

  • a full immersion in the content, made especially for (pre-) intermediate learners

  • thought-evoking questions that will inspire you to write and express yourself in your own style

  • listening to Flemish speakers speaking freely: the chance to get used to the different accents & voices

  • space for your more quality time with yourself

  • being a part of a community full of mindful learners just like you

    How does it work?


    Choose your formula and
    receive your welcome package and instructions.
    Your membership renews every 3 months, unless you choose to cancel
    (which is possible at any given time)

    Receive materials

    At the beginning of the month, you'll receive your boekske, a beautiful PDF magazine & journal, and an invitation to connect to the community through our whatsapp group.

    Start learning

    Go through your magazine, play with the content, get inspired by the questions, all on your own time. Share your progress with the other members and connect with me, too.

    What's inside?

    35 pages full of inspiration and authentic Flemish content, designed to help you connect to the language ánd yourself.

    I will use my voice to guide you through a calming exercise to set the tone for this moment of me-time.

    Through carefully selected questions you’ll reflect and write your thoughts & feelings in Flemish. This will help you develop both your language skills and inner voice.

    On each theme, I have interviewed some Flemish women and asked them to reflect on the subject. You’ll listen to a normal speaking pace and can read the accompanying transcripts. On top of that, I’ve prepared an article (with audio) to go even deeper.

    Invite more mindfulness into your life with quotes and challenges designed to uplevel your life

    Because we can all use more simple and healthy food in our lives,
    I share my favourite easy recipes with you

    There’s never too much love in the world…

    Interact with me and other members in our private WhatsApp group

    To help you keep accountable and focused, choose the VIP version of the programme and enjoy these monthly bonuses:
    – 1 of your journal entries corrected
    – 1 group coaching (60min)
    – 1 individual coaching session (30min) with me

    About me

    I’m Sietske and I’m an adventurer, language lover and introvert.

    My journal is my everything! 

    I started designing language resources for introverts when I recognised that our inner life often offers much more inspiration than awkward or forced conversations. I personally love the conversations that I have with myself and can learn most from my own inner voice.

    You can read my full story here.

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