Keep going…

They say language learning is like a marathon, not a sprint.

I often tell my new learners this, because I think it’s important to keep in mind we must continue, even if no immediate results are apparent.

It’s not only the case with language learning.

Having your own business is like running a marathon as well. You keep going and putting in the work, without knowing if people are going to notice you, or even hire you.

I’m not going to lie: it sucks running a marathon sometimes. Not a literal marathon, I wouldn’t know – even though I have ran 20k a couple of times – but being consistent.

Throwing everything you have at something is amazing when at the end of it, you can reward yourself. And if the end is not next year or in 5 years, but preferably soon. Like tomorrow?

I get it. Why spend every day or even every other day investing in your language practice when you haven’t spoken to anyone in a week? Or when you’ve prepared yourself to finally address your landlady in Flemish and… she immediately switches to English and you feel ridiculous?

Well, that’s just today. Tomorrow may be different. And what about next week, next month or in a year’s time?

How do we keep connecting to the long term, and keep our spirits high?

It sounds so cliché, but I have to say it: we just do it. Not like the commercial, but the actual thing. Keep going and make sure you enjoy the ride.

So in the spirit of being consistent, I decided to launch a bi-weekly (as in: every two weeks, not twice a week!) newsletter, where you can find a Flemish video that inspired me, links to my latest podcast episodes and the songs of the week (with lyrics!).

If I can keep it up, I hope you can too.

It won’t always be fun showing up and I might regret this decision, but I also want to grow, and connect with language learners like myself. And they say that the hardest thing is to start, right?

Let’s be consistent together and keep on learning and growing!

So tell me, where are you going to be showing up and committing? Or where are you already doing that?

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