Imperfection is courage

I always have a lot of ideas, a lot of stuff going on inside my mind.

And I can see very well what my ideas look like when they’re finished.

In my mind’s eye, everything looks sublime, everyone cheers and loves what I made.

In my imagination, my podcast is professional and has lots of cool language exercises. The videos and music I select are fun and engaging.

However, this is the reality: I’m learning.

My exercises are OK, but they are not as cool as I had visualised.

And the podcast: the first episode doesn’t even have the full intro, and I’m noticing mistakes each time I upload something.

It’s still better than the alternative though, which would be: don’t publish anything. Don’t write this newsletter. Stop the flow.

And a lot of my learners have the same reflexes when it comes to speaking Flemish.

“I don’t sound like I know what I’m doing, so I’ll just wait until I get better”.

But how can we get better?

By doing. In learning. Through growing.

And the best thing? People love it when you make an effort. 

My imperfect podcast has been downloaded so much more than what I thought was possible. People have showed up to my weekly spreekuurtje and enjoyed themselves.

Did they expect everything to go perfectly? Nope.

I’m constantly fearing criticism though. I’m afraid someone will say “what you do is shit”.

Honestly, the fear is still there. But every time I get a message or even a facebook like, knowing that I helped someone or just made them smile, I remember it.

And the next time I say “this is shit, I don’t know what I’m doing”, I immediately follow it up with: “and that’s just one opinion, there are other views out there, too!”

What if you tell yourself that, when you tell someone for the hundredth time “mijn Nederlands is niet zo goed”, that this is just one opinion?

Speaking imperfectly is better than not speaking at all.

That’s exactly the idea of my weekly “spreekuurtje”, for which so many of you have registered this week. Dus kom maar gewoon af vanavond, dan spreken we gewoon imperfect Nederlands.

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