Express yourself in Flemish

I'm here to help Flemish learners who struggle with speaking
to overcome shame and dread
by offering another experience,
based on journaling, introspection ánd fun!

Woon je in België, en herken je dit?

  • Do you feel uncomfortable that you’re mostly relying on English?
  • Is there something inside of you that knows you should be “making the effort” to speak Flemish, but you’ve studied and not achieved the results you wanted?
  • Kan je bijna alles in het Nederlands lezen en begrijpen, maar durf je niet spreken?

What if I could tell you, that you don’t need to go out there and speak to every stranger on the street? Or sit and study grammar until you don’t even remember your own name?

I believe that we can learn more when we enjoy ourselves with the language, and make it something we love.


My name is Sietske, and I coach motivated learners to change their way of improving in Flemish. You can find out more about me by clicking on my picture.

Klaar voor een andere ervaring?

I’ve designed a beautiful guide for you to try the FeelinFlemish experience: immersion in Flemish Dutch through carefully written articles, writing prompts, exclusive audio…

Before I started working with Sietske, I thought my Flemish was not good enough to speak to people. I really wanted to be able to interact with colleagues and have basic conversations. Sietske showed me that I actually spoke quite well, but at first it was hard for me to see that. I kept thinking I sounded like a two-year old. Through her encouragement and constant positive reinforcement, I (slowly) gained more confidence. And after a good look at my limiting beliefs and thoughts, I realised I was only holding myself back. Something clicked, and I’m now able to have meetings in Flemish, see a doctor, join in conversations… and generally know that I always have the choice to speak whenever I want.
Branka, 33, marketeer
From Macedonia